Book reading!

Today was the day of my first book reading! It was held at Gayton Library in Harrow at 11am. I arrived about 45 minutes early and some keen families were already there for the event! The turnout was good, about six families showed up (one was late due to parking, but I squeezed in an extra book reading for the lucky latecomer!). The Q&A after the reading was pleasant; a young budding writer asked me how I got into writing. I shared with her my story thus far as a writer & offered some (hopefully) helpful advice! Unfortunately, there were no books to sell as I have not secured a book deal yet! However, I took down the email addresses of the parents of some families to let them know when the book will be available to purchase. All in all, a lovely time was had by all at my first book reading. A feature on it should be in next month’s Harrow libraries newsletter! A special thank you to Andrea & Yuen for permitting the event at the library and organising it!



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